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Paperback book cover- “Field notes from a Pandemic” – Ethan Lou- Amazon.ca

by Nandika Ravi

Ethan Lou is a Canadian journalist, who was born in China, lived in Germany and Singapore as a child, and later moved and settled in Canada.  In January 2020, he travelled first to China to visit his grandfather who was ill, and  later wanted to visit Singapore and Germany. But he did not expect to encounter a global outbreak.

By the time he’d made his way to Germany, Lou was met with a multiple of  flight cancellations and he decided to stay there during the course of the lockdown.  While watching the world change its course, Lou decided to write a book on his personal experiences in these countries.  ‘Field Notes from a Pandemic: A Journey Through a World Suspended,‘ focuses on how each country went into lockdown, one after another, to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

“Nobody was truly prepared, but the countries that (had successful pandemic responses) were able to act quickly and decisively and I think a great part of that comes from having high trust in the society for public institutions,” Lou said.

The book being available for purchase in online bookstores, and at the Indigo book store on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.