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Losing My Religion

In a world where no one knows anything anymore, there are deeper things that get eroded without one being aware – like religion or faith. With no ideals, no role models – and above all, no sense of wonder, more and more cynicism is seeping into our everyday lives.

This is the scenario of the film, ‘Losing My Religion’ that takes off where the REM hit song ends.

We follow 3 people – all of different faiths, and witness their struggle to not just find their faiths in an alien landscape, but to form their sense of identity about who they are, in the context of post immigration, post disenfranchisement – and post 9/11. The unique thing about the film is that this is a journey that doesn’t just delineate a sense of identity but also delves into themes like colonialism, racism and post 9/11 disillusionment.

The characters:

Amina Mohamed: A firebrand Muslim woman who had rejected Islam but is now thinking of adopting a baby, with her non-Muslim Danish husband, and wonders what religion the child should follow. She is deeply troubled with the brand of ‘terrorism’ that is forced upon all Muslims today.

Pardeep Nagra: A passionate boxer who follows the Sikh faith but was banned from the Nationals for keeping his beard for religious purposes. He sued the Canadian Amateur Boxing Association and we see his story unfold with a sense of horror and disbelief.

Felix Almeida: Calm on the outside, raging on the inside, he is articulate, passionate and brings a sense of historic purpose to the film. As a good Catholic who was almost a saint, he discovers the horrific Goan Inquisition in sixteenth century India, brought about by the Portuguese colonizers in his beloved Goa and has decided to take a drastic step to right a historic wrong.

Will they find a sense of peace at all? Is religion a device that fragments rather than binds? As intelligent people, do we follow edicts that are obsolete? Can faith really heal age old wounds? If religion creates nothing but unhappiness, do we need it in our lives at all?

These are the questions the film, “Losing My Religion” hopes to raise – and maybe, answer some of them.

To shake the status quo and debunk accepted rules, we have to rip apart the norm, question codes of belief and find faith of a different kind in the life around us. For we are, after all, believers – each one of us. All that varies is what we believe in – and to what degree.

Losing My Religion (English with Hindi subtitles)

This documentary follows three people of different faiths – Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh – who have immigrated from India and Pakistan.

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