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Raveen Kaur Bahniwal with her grandfather at their farm.

by Sumeet Dhami and Nandika Ravi

Farmers in India continue to camp out in New Delhi’s borders for the  15th day in a row, protesting three agricultural laws that were introduced by the Modi-led government.

South Asian youth across Canada have been finding new ways to stand in solidarity with the farmers in India. They’ve been organizing multiple rallies here in Canada, and raising funds to support the farmers.

24-year-old Raveen Kaur Bahniwal is one such person,  crafting COVID-19 activity kits geared particularly towards Punjabi seniors in Canada. These kits include activity books to improve brain health (i.e. improve cognitive skills & fine motor skills), exercises to improve balance and muscle strength and exercises to lower stress. She hopes that donations from her activity kits will support farmers in India, while also uplifting the mental and physical health of Punjabi seniors during amid the pandemic.

“This winter wont be easy for them, with the public health restrictions and constantly seeing news from India, it only increases the anxiety,” Bahniwal told OMNI.

“It’s important to find ways to stay busy during this pandemic, especially for older adults who have low digital literacy and reduced social interactions in the winter.”


“The love and respect for the land that feeds us is in our blood. Now when I see these farmers peacefully protesting, I understand how these bill will be impacting them.”

Bahniwal, like many others from the Indian diaspora, grew up listening to stories of India’s rich culture and history from her parents and grandparents. She makes it a point to stay connected with her roots, by helping her grandfather, with farming activities in her backyard.