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by Eden Debebe

While most people in the city were hunkering down in their homes, hiding from Toronto’s historical blizzard on Monday, Scott and Lizzie Iervasi were trekking through the snow to help stranded drivers and commuters across the city.

I don’t ever remember it being this bad, but he told me over the summer he was like, ‘Oh, you know, this year is going to be the worst winter’, and I was like, ‘Nah’,” said Lizzie, 24.

“And then as soon as he saw the snow coming down, I knew what he wanted to do today.”

Video footage captured by Lizzie, a fashion influencer, garnered more than 150 thousand views and 23 thousand likes on TikTok in under 24 hours, with the comment section flooded with praise for her husband’s selfless acts of service. The Markham-based couple say Monday’s mission wasn’t a one-off, but something they do every year, regardless of the weather conditions outside.


Screengrabs from Lizzie Iervasi’s TikTok video, which has garnered over 150 thousand views at the time this article was published.


“We just leave the house, and whoever we see on the road we’ll just help,” said Scott, 30, owner of Fratello Reno Construction.

“A lot of people don’t have a lot of money to call tow trucks, and I’m not charging anyone, I’m doing my best that I can to get them out and to see a smile just makes me happy. That’s all it takes.

Though she admits her role in the rescues mainly center around staying in the car and rooting her husband on, Lizzie says her favourite part is spending quality time with her husband, and hearing the positive impact he has on the lives of the people he helps.

I’m just laying back in the truck and and he comes back and he tells me all these stories and I’m like…this is awesome,” said Lizzie, “and I just fell more in love with him tonight.”

Scott (left) and Lizzie Iervasi

Even with his experience working at a seasonal snow-plow business, Scott says helping others doesn’t take any special equipment or skill. He hopes his story inspires others to think outside of themselves and help a stranger in need.

I helped one guy and then, all of a sudden he came back up and he was like, ‘because you helped me, I help someone else.’ So that made me feel good,” Scott said.