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Mangoes: A Slice of Life

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“Mangoes” follows the adventures of Asha (Maha Warsi), a fiercely independent woman and psychology grad from India; Sami (Adeel Suhrwardy), the sensitive, well-educated immigrant from Pakistan who finally has a job in his field after years of struggling; and Rakay (Khurram Suhrwardy), the girl-chasing – and often irresponsible – MBA grad.

The series offers a look into the lives and everyday stories of new Canadians with a comedic and light-hearted tone. The six-episode season begins two years after we last saw the trio, and much has changed: Sami is well settled and working at a corporate firm; Asha moved back to India and got engaged; and Rakay moved in with a group of guys and is still trying to find a girlfriend. The first episode opens on Asha having doubts before her wedding, so she buys a plane ticket and flees to Canada to reconnect with herself and her dreams. Despite the distance and time that passed, the three friends meet again and bond, and their lives become intertwined once again.

The Office Party

The Office Party. Sami has been keeping busy to climb the corporate ladder, but each step he takes comes with its own challenges. Rakay thought life was getting better for him, maybe not so. Asha focusses on her work, but when Sami needs help, she changes gear and so does Rakay to help Sami.

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