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Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Semi-final 1: Tuesday May 14 – 9pm ET
Semi-final 2: Thursday May 16 – 9pm ET
Grand Final: Saturday May 18 – 9pm ET

Score the performances while you watch the Grand Final. Download the Eurovision Song Contest Play At Home Score Card.

The 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest comes direct from Tel Aviv, Israel – following their win in Portugal in 2018. The Eurovision Song Contest is the World’s longest running annual television contest and was the birthplace of Swedish pop royalty ABBA! Each year Europe goes into battle, country versus country, but with the universal language of music and song. After all participating countries have performed their song on the big stage (to a worldwide audience of over 220 million) the television viewers across Europe cast their votes.

Eurovision – Grand Final

The 64th Eurovision Song Contest 2019 takes place at the Expo Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, following Israel´s victory in 2018. The finalists from the Semi Finals prepare to battle to be crowned the Eurovision Song Contest Champions 2019 in this grand music extravaganza. The hosts are Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, Assi Azar and Lucy Ayoub.

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