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Name: Shannon Pais
Age: 23
Toronto, ON

Instagram: Shannon_Pais
Twitter: @shannonpais13
Facebook page: pshannon13

1. What is your name, age, any nicknames and where are you from?
Shannon Pais
My family calls me Shanna. I am from Toronto however I was born in Mumbai

2. What languages do you speak?
I speak English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani

3. What is your occupation?
I’m a student at York University.

4. Describe yourself in 3 words:
Friendly, Confident and Polite

5. Do you have any special/funny talents?
I can imitate a few people really well.

6. Who is your favourite Bollywood actor/actress?
My favourite Actor is Shahrukh Khan and actress is Deepika Padukone

7. What’s your favourite Bollywood movie?
Kuch Kuch Hota Hain

8. Who is your role model/who do you look up to?
My mother

9. What is your strategy coming into the competition?
My strategy coming into the competition is to just work hard no matter what and to focus on my goal that is TO WIN THIS COMPETITION!

10. What makes you the next Bollywood Star?
My ability to speak different languages makes me a versatile actor. I am easy to work with and hardworking. I am comfortable and confident which is an asset when working in the Indian film industry.

11. As a Canadian, why Bollywood over Hollywood?
Bollywood is colorful! It is culture. Watching Bollywood movies is like an emotional roller coaster. You have everything right from drama to action to comedy. It’s the whole entertainment package!

12. What would becoming the next Bollywood Star mean to you?
It would mean a huge deal because I will not only fulfilling my dream of becoming a good actor, but my mother’s dream as well. My mother has done a lot for me and if I can bring a smile to her face in this way, then I will do my very best. The idea of working with the Indian film Industry’s hardworking actors is nothing short of a dream for me. Bollywood is where I belong!

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