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Name: Karima Essa
Age: 27
Vancouver, BC

Instagram: @urbollywooddiva
Twitter: @urbollywooddiva

1. What is your name, age, any nicknames and where are you from?
Hello, Hello!!!
My name is Karima Essa,
DR.Lightning (mad science teacher)
KEEMA (minced meet in Hindi)
Rani, the Kreamographer
And Kreama-mushroom-soup!
And I am from Vancouver, British Columbia (Surrey, aka little India)

2. What languages do you speak?
Speak – English, Hindi, and Urdu
Understand – Gujrati, Kachi, Punjabi, and attempt to comprehend French and Farsi.

3. What is your occupation?
Foremost, I am a choreographer and inspiring actress. I teach Children’s Science classes for Greater Vancouver in the afternoon. In the evenings I teach Zumba fitness at a Variety of Dance Studios, Bollywood burn at fitness facilities, and Bhangra Aerobics at Hot yoga studios. On the weekends I am a Bollywood performer for weddings, birthday parties, receptions, and special events throughout The Province. In my downtime I am a part time student a Simon Fraser University, #multiplelives!

4. Describe yourself in 3 words.

5. Do you have any special/funny talents?
I can make you laugh in any situation; If not with words then with movement; If not with movement then with energy. I mean…. have you met me?

6. Who is your favourite Bollywood actor/actress?
Govinda- As soon as he would come on the screen it was like opening a birthday present. I can’t recall a single time I walked out of a Govinda movie without my abs hurting from laughing

Madhuri Dixit – She has a way of making you see the film from her point of view. Whether we’re falling in love, crying when our heart breaks, or dancing in the moment; you feel as though you are Madhuri.

7. What’s your favourite Bollywood movie?
I’m going to have to pick a classic because this one is everyone’s favorite. DDLJ Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jaenge. #Uff #raj&simran #realromance Because I was so inspired by the way they captured every emotion in the film, I decided to go to Europe in 2010. I wanted to find my own Raj, and experience traveling full “Bollywood Style” (so I copied every scene in each city, YESS!!! I CHASED A TRAIN IN SWITZERLAND) hehe!

8. Who is your role model/who do you look up to?
Rekha- I used to watch her when I was I was growing up, in a big gown outfit (fully clothed) performing to pieces like “In ankhon Ki Masti” “Dil cheez kya hai” “salam E Ishq” and “Larki Hai Ya Shola” I grew up watching her connection to music, her passion for movement. Even though it’s a film, you believe every character she plays. You got lost in the movie, lost in her movement, lost in her eyes! I’ve been hooked ever since. She is my role model because she used expressions to allow people to see what she is feeling. There is an art to womans body, and it doesn’t always have to be exposed to be appreciated, I have learnt that from her, and don’t want to lose that value in this industry. I want to come into this industry with my head held high and my dignity untouched.

9. What is your strategy coming into the competition?
I don’t know if I can have a strategy; This whole experience feels like deje vu, where second chances are given back, I’m more in shock then strategic. If there is anything I can do to help myself in this competition, maybe it’s forgetting the fact that it is a competition, forgetting that it’s a contest, forgetting that there is one prize for one winner, and just immerse myself with the growing experience that I have been given again. Not a lot of people get the opportunity that I have been given, I promise not to let this one slip out of my fingers.

10. What makes you the next Bollywood Star?
I believe that having my heart in the right place is what makes me the next Bollywood Star. All of us are brought up to go to through school, go to university, get a high paying job, earn an income, buy a big home, have a big wedding, drive expensive cars, and live in a world filled with shoes, fancy clothes and expensive wines. But some of us don’t want that.

Some of us just want to love our jobs, love our lives, and live in the moment. When we fall in love, we don’t look at how much they make, what car they drive, or how educated they are. We just want to be with them. Not everyone is meant to sit at a desk for the rest of their lives. I found my love, and I want to keep it alive. I want to be a bollywood star because I want to be with my passion single every day, I want to say that I found my love, I found my art. I found my life!

11. As a Canadian, why Bollywood over Hollywood?
As a member of the Ismaili community in Canada, Bollywood culture has grown its way into our festive celebrations. When we had special events, we would celebrate at a grand level. We would rent out the Hockey rink in Vancouver, and 15-20,000 people would come around and dandia raas(gujrati style dance) for hours. When we have monthly celebrations in the mosque, we would have music parties, either karaoke or with a live band, we would all speak the same language, sing the same songs, and dance all night to create festive memories. Growing up as a Canadian, I was brought up using bollywood music as a way of celebrating life. I’ve never known anything outside of our culture;. Because of my ismaili roots I never experienced Hollywood, so I could never picture myself in a Hollywood…..I’m bollywood and I know it!!

12. What would becoming the next Bollywood Star mean to you?
Sounds ridiculous but I came back to chase a dream that I believe was gifted to me from the beginning. I absolutely love being a part of the arts, I don’t do it for the fame, or the money, or even the “likes, tweets, or hashtags”. If I can allow people, to leave their life stresses, work, school, relationships, and money problems for 2-3 hours and enjoy immersing themselves in a world of arts, on stage, on screen or in person, then I believe I have already become a Bollywood Star!!! People believe it’s a popularity contest, for who can make it to the top, but those are superficial reasons for wanting it, I want to be the Next Bollywood star, WAIT, I WILL BE THE NEXT BOLLYWOOD STAR BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO SHINE, I WANT MY ART TO BE THE SPOTLIGHT!

One Quote I live by,
“You will never be, What you were meant to be, if you didn’t experience TODAY!”

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