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by Sumeet Dhami and Nandika Ravi

With vaccinations underway for seniors in Ontario, many may have questions regarding vaccine safety, efficacy, or even on appointment bookings. 

Doctors from the South Asian Health Network are conducting  an online town hall on March 9th at 5pm EST, to help facilitate and address concerns around vaccinations. The townhall will be in South Asian specific languages, and hosted by Dr. Amit Arya and Dr. Samir Sinha, with a focus to educate the public on COVID-19 vaccines for seniors.

Speaking with OMNI News, Dr. Priya Shah said, “It will be focused on geriatrics, so our senior community, as their vaccinations have begun.”

The conversation will include info on the four different vaccines available in Canada, vaccine side-effects, and doctors will also be answering questions. The event will have live translations in Punjabi and Hindi, where viewers can use the “toggle” option to pick your preferred language.

“I hope this online event will be able to empower second language and immigrant communities with the knowledge to make fact-based decisions when it comes to their health,” Shah said.

“You can send in your questions via email, social media, WhatsApp, or through various community organizations. So that we can try to answer all of your questions within the hour-long event.”


This town hall is the first in the three part series and the next one is set to be held on March 18th,  where they will be taking questions from people of all age groups.

Viewers can tune into the town hall via Zoom or stream it on YouTube. It will also be livestreamed on Y-Media, for those who speak Punjabi and the organizers will be posting the full video on their social media (@SAHealthNetwork), for people who missed tuning in.