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We would like to inform you of an important change on how you watch OMNI Television. OMNI Television along with other Canadian television broadcasters is in the process of changing some of our over-the-air DTV channels as part of an initiative mandated by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada (ISED). This means that the OMNI Television channel(s) in your area must change their DTV channel frequency. Depending on where you live, the changes will take place in May or June of this year.

If you use an over-the-air rooftop or indoor antenna to watch OMNI Television, you will need to re-scan these channels to restore service. Below are a few easy steps for you to follow to re-scan the affected television channel(s) in your area. Please also refer to your TV manual for model-specific details. Please note, viewers with direct-to-home TV, cable or IPTV will not be affected.

How Do I Re-Scan OMNI Television?
1. Press “Settings” or “Menu” on the TV remote control
2. Click “Channel”
3. Select “Auto Channel Program”

This will update the OMNI Television channel(s) in your area and restore service. The process can take several minutes to complete. The changes taking place are mostly hidden to you the viewer. The channel frequency will change, requiring you to re-scan, but the channel number displayed on your television set will remain the same as what you currently see.