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Episode 1: “Welcome to Toronto”

Canadians from across the country submitted online auditions for a chance to win a role in a Bollywood film. Canadian filmmaker Richie Mehta selected 10 people and invited them to come to Toronto. Their training begins immediately with a fast paced dance class led by Bollywood choreographer Rohan D’silva. Then the 10 must impress in an acting workshop led by Richie Mehta. At the end of the day, two people will be sent home.

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Episode 2: “Bollywood Bound”

The remaining eight hopefuls are rehearsing for their biggest “screen test” yet, a music video. Before rehearsal is over, Richie surprises them with a mock press interview with TV host Veronica Chail. Physically and mentally exhausted by the pace and pressure, the competitors must push through the music video shoot to prove they have what it takes to make it to the next phase of the competition: India. It’s up to Richie to judge which six have the potential to make it in Mumbai and which two must say goodbye.

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Episode 3: “Make it or Break it”

The top six arrive in Mumbai, a place of hopes, dreams and culture shock. There’s no time for sight seeing: it’s straight to Bollywood boot camp at Anupam Kher’s School for Actors. Tensions rise as the six push their personal boundaries and explore the craft of acting. At the end of the training Richie raises the stakes by challenging the competitors to name aloud the person they believe should be sent home.

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Episode 4: “You Can’t Escape the Dance”

Relieved by the non-elimination, the top six settle into Mumbai life. They get the thrill of a lifetime: a workshop with Bollywood dance legend Shiamak Davar. They have less than 24 hours to rehearse before they perform the dance along with scenes from the acting class. On the morning of the performance, Richie announces another surprise: two people will be returning home to Canada that night.

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Episode 5: “New Bollywood”

The atmosphere is tense for the final four competitors. Richie lightens the mood with a surprise meeting with someone they have seen on screen since their childhood, actor Chunky Panday. After a moment of brushing shoulders with celebrity, Richie brings them down to earth with another significant introduction. They meet one of the most important casting directors in India, Mukesh Chhabra. Mukesh challenges them in a grueling workshop before giving them their final instruction.

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Episode 6: “A Star Will Rise”

It has been an incredible journey for the four people that now stand to win the prize of a lifetime. The top four nervously await their date with destiny: an audition with Bollywood Director Homi Adajania. Richie can’t mentor them any more, it’s up to Homi to decide who will win a role in his next film.

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