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“Sumit Walia, a sports correspondent for a TV channel, lives in Delhi with his wife Maya, 6 year-old daughter Arya and two-year old son Avi. They’re a normal family, but Sumit’s life is complicated by the fact that his parents, Jasbir and Dolly, and elder brother Rajneesh, a sub-inspector, live too close for comfort. Sumit is a likable, easygoing man caught between his overbearing meddling family and wife, and although he tries to keep everyone happy, he ends up making things worse. Sumit’s predicament is one that many Indians face today, with joint families becoming a thing of the past, and more and more couples seeking independent lives. Like them, Sumit has to contend with not one family, but two: his own and the family he grew up with, but how and where should he draw the line between the two?”