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by Nandika Ravi
In March, a non-profit organization called Life for Lives Community Action Centre converted its office into a food bank and started buying and delivering groceries to the elderly who were impacted by Covid-19 restrictions. In just a few weeks of activity, around 150 families received food packages across Toronto. ┬áThese food baskets were customized to the family’s nutritional needs.

“The need for food banks has been growing as people have been losing jobs, especially the people without status in the country who don’t get any support from the government,” said Dianna Santos, President and CEO of Life for lives.

Delivery of food baskets takes place every 15 days and to start receiving them, families first need to register on the organization website. Those interested in contributing to this cause, can donate food or help financially through the gofundme campaign. For more information on how to participate, visit www.mylifeforlives.org/donate.