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by Nandika Ravi

In October, Marie Pacheco from OMNI TV got an exclusive one on one interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He tackled questions regarding issues that many Filipinos continue to encounter in the face of the pandemic.

“One of the many things that the pandemic has taught us, is to see the gaps and the cracks in our system that need to be filled,” Trudeau told OMNI.

“We have to improve our system; we have to make it fair and we need to make sure that the people are paid for the hard and sometimes dangerous work that they do,.”

Trudeau touched on the government’s response to people who are losing status in Canada due to the severity of the pandemic. He says that the government wants to make sure that the people are supported and given the opportunities they deserve.

“We know that several people are facing status issues in country due to COVID-19 limitations,” he said.

“The main thing is that COVID has impacted everyone in ways that are complicated and are not their fault. The fact that someone is impacted by COVID, they should not be blamed for missing a deadline.”