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Grilled Chicken Breast with Artichoke Salad

Serves 4

Ingredients: Ingredients for dressing:
4 chicken breast approx. 4 oz. ea. 1 oz. or 30 ml. red wine vinegar
8 artichoke hearts cut in ¼ 4 oz. or 125 ml. EVOO or walnut oil
8 small chicken liver or goose liver; 4-5 pcs. chives, finely chopped
–sliced and seasoned 1 Teaspoon/ 5 ml. mustard
2 tsp. or 10 gr. butter salt and pepper
6 oz. or 170 grr. oyster mushrooms
1 oz. or 30 ml. olive oil
20 pcs. walnuts
8 leaves lettuce to line the plates
salt and pepper
herbs ; thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley

1. Season the chicken breast with hers of your choice and grill. Cool and slice. Sauté the liver with the butter. Sauté the oyster mushrooms in half the olive oil.
2. In a bowl, combine the artichokes, chicken or goose livers, oyster mushrooms and walnuts. Add the salt and pepper to personal taste. Keep remaining olive oil aside.
for dressing:
3. In a bowl add the mustard and mix in the vinaigrette. Slowly incorporate the oil; if the dressing is too thick or acidic, add 1-2 teaspoons of water. Adjust to taste with salt and pepper and chives.
Method of Assembly
4. Line the plates with lettuce leaves and decoratively arrange the chicken, artichokes, oyster mushrooms and walnuts. Pour dressing on top before serving.

EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chef; Gianni Ceschia
Culinary Studio 91 Friuli Crt.Un #13 Woodbridge, Ont.