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by Nandika Ravi

After apologizing for her actions, a woman who was caught on video unleashing a racist tirade against Filipino Tim Hortons employees at a drive-through in Markham,  ON, is doubling down on her claim that the restaurant staff started the whole dispute.

After apologizing in a direct message to OMNI News on Sunday, Sherry Mostafavi was more defiant on Monday. She implied that the Tim Hortons staff had instigated the confrontation, and said the staff was “unprofessional and rude.”

Declining an in-person interview, in a series of direct messages to OMNI News’ reporter Theresa Redula, Mostafavi said that the reason for her rant was because the Filipino staff at that Tim Hortons location didn’t have “customer service skills for the most part.”

Mostafavi said she works just two minutes away, and claims to consistently have problems with the Tim Hortons location.

“90 per cent of the time, they don’t give you what you order,” Mostafavi said.

The incident that transpired on October 8, Mostafavi said.

“I was at the drive-through and asked for coffee with two creams. She said, haaaaaaaaaa? (Instead of saying excuse me, or at least to say didn’t get your order coffee with??)I got upset.”

“I went to the window and told her, what do you mean by haaaaaa !! I’m the customer. We both are human, and it’s better not to talk to each other with this attitude.”

Mostafavi then claimed that the staff at the drive through started laughing at her.

“Two people at the window started to laugh at me. Then I told them, you guys are laughing at me?? And I asked for the manager!”

“They began to talk to each other in their language. The lady said ‘I’m the manager’.”

“I told her the employees were very unprofessional and rude. They have no customer service skills for the most part.”

“She said ‘you have to move the car. We have other customers on the lineup’.”

“Then I told her, in my opinion, ‘you’re not supposed to work here. You don’t know how to talk with people’, and then I called the head office ( Tim Horton’s head office ). They must have recorded everything. They said someone would contact you from that location.”

Then the same lady from the drive-thru said ‘we have no coffee for you to serve. Move the car.’

“But then they put something in the front of the vehicle to close the driveway.”

Pictures of Tim Hortons staff with a sign| Provided by Sherry Mostafavi

“Then the argument started. I asked for the coffee that I ordered, they refused, And I began to say, you should clean the house. Do cleaning job, change the sheets, … not supposed to work at Tim Hortons to serve a coffee you are so unprofessional . She took the camera, and I saw the camera. I knew they were taking a video. I was very frustrated. But the way she asked me what did say about Filipino people and the way that I answered was an inappropriate comment. I shouldn’t comment about the Filipino community.”

Mostafavi claimed she wanted to ‘hire’ a Filipino woman to live with her.

“Six months ago, I was looking for sponsorship of a Filipino lady from the Philippines to live in my house.”

“So I respect this community; otherwise, if I was a racist, why should I hire someone from this community to live with me.”

“I want to apologize to the Filipino Community for the inappropriate comment. I should not have said that.”

Tim Hortons sent a statement to OMNI News that said the company is working with the crew to ensure they feel supported in the wake of this unfortunate and unacceptable experience.

“Throughout the pandemic, Tim Hortons team members have been working incredibly hard to be there for our loyal guests and to feed and fuel other essential and frontline workers. The vast majority of our guests always treat team members with the kindness and respect they deserve. We do not tolerate any form of discriminatory or abusive behaviour at Tim Hortons restaurants. The restaurant owner is working directly with their team members to ensure they feel supported in the wake of this unfortunate and unacceptable experience.”-The Tim Hortons Media Team

The owners of the Tim Hortons in a statement said that they do not condone such “discriminatory and abusive behaviour.”

“Along with my two brothers, Leo and Ben, we have owned and operated this Tim Hortons restaurant for over 15 years and we’re proud of our connection to the local Filipino community. Many of our team members and regular guests take pride in their Filipino heritage and we stand beside them and do not condone the discriminatory and abusive behaviour that our team experienced this past week.” – Alex Papageorge, Tim Hortons restaurant owner