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Focus Cantonese (ON)

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The new current affairs series will focus on local issues from the unique perspective of the Cantonese community. The series will also feature special guests in-studio to tackle the hot topics, such as provincial and municipal news, healthcare, business and the environment. OMNI Television viewers are invited to join the conversation by sharing their opinions, thoughts, and ideas with the hosts via social media.

Heroes of Chinatown

OMNI BC’s Bowen Zhang’s three parts of the feature “Heroes of Chinatown” told the public a little known part of history which received the Jack Webster Award for Best Reporting-Chinese Language in 2012.

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More Mandarin Shows

  • 大溫食物賙濟庫遇挑戰 呼籲民衆積極捐贈 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    大溫食物賙濟庫遇挑戰 呼籲民衆積極捐贈 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 溫哥華Vandusen植物園聖誕燈飾展開幕 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    溫哥華Vandusen植物園聖誕燈飾展開幕 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 當局呼籲家長為孩子登記接種疫苗 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    當局呼籲家長為孩子登記接種疫苗 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • Abbotsford市府發出更多緊急疏散令 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    Abbotsford市府發出更多緊急疏散令 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 卑詩省疫情更新 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    卑詩省疫情更新 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 素里發生槍擊案 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    素里發生槍擊案 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • Merritt周圍低窪地區再發緊急疏散警報 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    Merritt周圍低窪地區再發緊急疏散警報 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 醫生呼籲關注疫情下心理健康 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    醫生呼籲關注疫情下心理健康 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 安省魁省發現新變種病毒感染個案 (BC) – 2021NOV29
    安省魁省發現新變種病毒感染個案 (BC) – 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 本省延長緊急狀態及限油令 (BC)- 2021NOV29
    本省延長緊急狀態及限油令 (BC)- 2021NOV29 - OMNI News
  • 中僑與省府及溫市合作提供可負擔房屋 (BC) – 2021NOV26
    中僑與省府及溫市合作提供可負擔房屋 (BC) – 2021NOV26 - OMNI News
  • 兩波風暴來襲 環境部發紅色警告 (BC) – 2021NOV26
    兩波風暴來襲 環境部發紅色警告 (BC) – 2021NOV26 - OMNI News