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Amir Amiri Ensemble

Fri, Jan 29 – Mon, May 31

Online | MAP

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBCpresents the Amir Amiri Ensemble in a digital production, available online fromJanuary 29, 2020. Tehran-born, Montreal-based Amir Amiri’s relationship to thesantur is spiritual, almost symbiotic, as he calls upon centuries of traditionwith an instrumental voice fluent in the musical dialects of the here and now.He’s joined by Sardar Mohamad Jani (oud), Reza Abaee (ghaychak), Hamin Honari(percussion), and Omar Abu Afech (viola) for a program of his own compositionsintertwined with Persian folk and classical pieces.

To learn more about the Chan Centre Dot Com Series, visitchancentre.com/dot-com-series.