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Tarannum Thind has been working with OMNI for five years. Starting as a host for OMNI Television produced shows such as Chai Time, Fusion Fare and Community Calendars; Tarannum is now the entertainment reporter for OMNI News: Punjabi Edition. OMNI has provided Tarannum with a lot of opportunities that has helped her to grow as a broadcaster. She says that working with a team that is both inspiring and supportive helps to bring out the best in an individual.

Born in Mukstar, Punjab, India, Tarannum moved to Canada in 1997. Both of her parents were renowned theatre actors and she grew up watching them perform, eventually finding herself on the stage at a very young age. Her father, also a journalist by profession as well as the performing arts, helped shape her career to what it is today.

Tarannum has had the opportunity to host hundreds of prestigious community events. Being on stage in front of a live audience is something that she really enjoys. Tarannum also volunteers her time and support to help a variety of organizations, including Big Brothers, United Way, BC Children’s Hospital, Canadian Diabetes Association and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Tel: 604.678.3883