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Sami (Adeel Suhrwardy)


Sami hails from Pakistan. He came to Canada for greener pastures but struggled to land a job where he can reach his full potential. He has integrated well into the Canadian way of life, but still has a long way to go. He has had many jobs in the past but can’t keep them for long for one reason or the other.

He met Asha and Rakay a few years ago while renting a place together, however, in the last two years, Asha moved back to India and Rakay relocated to a different neighbourhood. Sami has a flirty boss and an irratating collegue to keep him on his toes yet Sami listens to his heart and sponsors a refugee family with a promise to start a new life in Canada.

Asha (Maha Warsi)

150x150-steph-songAsha came to Canada from India for her higher studies a few years ago. In a way, she escaped to Canada since her family wanted her to settle down immediately and get married. They continued arranging for her to meet boys in the extended family to accept as her groom, a practice she has always detested.

She is confident and believes in herself and wants to be an independent woman. As a woman of South Asian background, she has to constantly balance her new found independence with the stereotypes and expectations from her. In the last two years she had moved back to India and while going through a tough time in her personal life she somehow agreed to marry the son of a family friend, Teja. But leading into the marriage, she got cold feet and escaped to Canada. After Asha came to Canada, soon after Teja also arrived to take her back to India, she has to figure out a way to stay out of sight of Teja.

Rakay (Khurram Suhrwardy)

Rakay comes from a well-respected family in Pakistan and has led a sheltered life. Being trendy and popular back home, his confidence is shattered when he is a labelled a FOB. Since then he has been trying to shed this tag of his and keep trying to adopt other cultures without fully understanding them.

Upon arriving in Canada, and being independent but not prepared for it, he is finding himself in situations that for any thinking adult person would be considered childish, Rakay, however, is a child trapped in a man’s body, hence his own set of peculiar challenges.