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Tina Song has been a reporter since 2006. She joined OMNI News in 2011 as a reporter and writer.

Tina finished her bachelor degree with a Communication major and Linguistic minor at Trinity Western University, and obtained a TESL certificate as well.

Long before she was a full-time journalist, she had been an intern reporter/anchor for the news program at a local radio station during her academic studies. She started her career as a reporter with a bi-weekly Chinese newspaper in 2006 and she fell in love with journalism immediately. In February 2008, she brought her career to a whole new altitude by joining Sing Tao Newspaper. That same year in November, along with all of her colleagues, she won the Jack Webster Award for their reporting on the Sichuan Earthquake. Meanwhile, she also participated in major event coverage including the 2010 Winter Olympics, federal, provincial and municipal elections among other stories. With her passion, Tina is dedicated to being a compelling reporter and story teller.  Tina has set foot into the world of broadcast journalism, ready to face any new challenges in front of her.

While working at OMNI, all of the knowledge and skills that she accumulated during the various working experiences at radio and press has paid off. As a proud member of the OMNI Mandarin News Team, Tina is determined to honor her team by continuously delivering the most objective, critical and independent insight to all viewers.

Tel: 604-678-3852