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by Nandika Ravi

The Black Lives Matter movement brought to light stories of police brutality and misconduct in U.S.A. and Canada. OMNI’s Camila Gracia spoke to a Brazilian black woman from St- Eustache, QC, who said her home was searched without a warrant and the police made sexist remarks against her, in the presence of her children.

Diana Santos said that two police officers showed up at her house on the night of April 22, asking why her front door was open. Santos said her daughter was playing in the front yard and had been running in and out of the house. The officers left her house and came back in 15 minutes later saying that there had been a theft at a pizzeria near by.

Santos, who owns a catering company next to the pizzeria, said police told her she fit the description of the suspect, who had stolen a pizza. However, the surveillance from the pizzeria confirmed that she had not committed the crime.

According to Santos, the officers made comments about her clothes, saying she had a lot for a single mother and joked, saying “are you sure three kids are enough?”

Santos has filed a police ethics complaint and a human rights complaint, alleging that she was discriminated against due to her race and gender.