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Blood And Water

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A frantic phone call from her some-time friend, Teresa Fai, puts Jo and her partner, Detective Evan Ong, once again into the orbit of the powerful Xie family when Teresa’s boyfriend, Jimmy Lin, witnesses the brutal murder of his mentor. Now Jimmy has a killer on his tail and has fled, carrying evidence of his mentor’s murder, evidence that also threatens to unravel the deepest secrets of Teresa’s former father-in-law, billionaire Ron Xie.

Soon, Jo’s investigation points to a killer close to home, someone with inside information about the case. Signs are pointing her partner, Evan Ong. But the killer turns out to be someone from Evan’s past, someone he cannot control and someone who threatens not just the case, but also Jimmy and Teresa’s lives. Evan is faced with a fateful and ultimately tragic decision.

Blood and Water – Ep. 208

208. In the finale, Jo is wrapped into family drama in China, while Evan confronts Michelle and Jimmy makes a decision to protect Teresa. Ron Xie confronts Victor Li, and Zhongchen arrives to intervene.

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