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More than 4.7 million Canadians speak a language other English and French at home1. Let’s Talk English is a variety-style program with 6-7 features per episode designed to help viewers learning English improve their communication skills — speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar and cultural knowledge.

An ensemble cast teaches through high-energy skits and instructional segments developed in consultation with the Languages Institute at Mount Royal University.

The series differentiates itself from traditional classroom resources by approaching lessons in a contemporary manner similar to the online videos and internet learning communities.

Audiences remain entertained during lessons due to good pacing and a lot of humor. Let’s Talk English is a bit of Saturday Night Live or You Can’t Do That on Television mixed with The Electric Company.

And Let’s Talk English is more than just vocabulary. The show helps newcomers integrate into the community by developing soft skills — raising cultural awareness in North American behavior and customs.

Let’s Talk English was developed and produced by Spotlight Productions in association with OMNI Television, a division of Rogers Communications, and with assistance of of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Media Fund and the participation of The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

Let’s Talk English was made possible with 100% funding from the OMNI Television Independent Producers Initiative. The $32.5 million-fund is a seven year commitment created and made available for the independent production ofthird-language ethnocultural programming. The fund is not only dedicated to helping Canadian independent producers tell their stories in their language of comfort, but also to make sure that these stories are accessible to other ethnocultural communities through re-versioning in different languages.

This is the industry’s first, and only, major source of funding for the independent production of non-official language programming.

More details on the fund are at OMNI Television’s website www.omnitv.ca

Executive Producers
Manjit Minhas
Ravinder Minhas
Jyoti Auluck

Matt Embry

Matt Embry
Paige K. Boudreau

Cherie McMaster

Renée Amber
Jordan Bosch
Paige K. Boudreau
Alexandra Davis
Holly Dupej
Matt Embry
Mia Jagpal
Evan Lauderdale
Trent McClellan
Josh Pender
Andrew Phung
Whitney Richter
Allan Thrush
Jessica Tsang
Gerrick Winston

Line Producer
Paige K. Boudreau