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Blood And Water

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In the months that followed the deaths of their two sons, the Xie family has been blown apart by grief: Anna (Elfina Luk) has fled to China, Ron (Oscar Hsu) and Weiran (Fiona Fu) are married in name only, and Xie Holdings, is under siege. Former partner, now vengeful nemesis, Li Tonghui (BC Lee) and his son, Li Zhongchen (Telly Liu), are on the verge of successfully taking over Ron’s company, when an important ally is found murdered. The deal is off and Ron is a suspect. Detective Jo Bradley (Steph Song), newly returned to the Vancouver Homicide Squad following her cancer scare is thrust back into the Xie family orbit, but she is not alone. Her new partner, Detective Evan Ong, (Byron Mann), a decorated police hero, harbours secrets of his own. In her personal life, Jo’s longing for a connection with her biological family upends everything Jo believes about herself and her relationship with her mother, Colleen (Maria Ricossa).

Blood and Water 使用普通话、粤语和英语制作,讲述一名年轻有为的探员Jo Bradley(Steph Song饰,Everything’s Gone Green)克服重重困难,务将杀死温哥华亿万富的问题儿子的凶手绳之以法的故事。

Block 2: Episode Sixteen

Anna’s life is risked. A murderer is revealed. The remains of the Xie family attempt at a new beginning. Enraged, Jo confronts her mother and makes a dangerous, impulsive decision.

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