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OMNI is your source for NHL hockey in your language.
Check out all of OMNI’s coverage below!


Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi

OMNI Television will broadcast the time-honoured tradition Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi every Saturday night. Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi Edition will air a doubleheader each week during the regular season, and marks the first time this Canadian institution will be available on a conventional network to the Punjabi-speaking community. For additional Hockey schedule info, check out Sportsnet.ca.




Hockey 101

Hockey 101 is a vignette series that helps new Canadians better understand the basic principles of hockey and commonly-used terms on the ice, answering basic questions related to the rules of the game (like, “What is icing? “ or “What is an offside?”, etc).
It also explores the sport’s heritage and the structure of the National Hockey League.